Unveiling of the Trailer

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Last week was a very exciting time for all those involved in The Church About the Dale project.

CAtD Emerging


After months of hard work deciding on artwork and tweaking plans, the trailer emerged from the designers like a butterfly from a chrysalis.



CAtD First Dispaly

The oldest and youngest members of the joint congregations of St John’s Bellerby and St Matthew’s Leyburn.


The artwork represents a view of Penhill, This hill which stands majestically over the whole of Wensleydale, is a symbol of this part of the Yorkshire Dales.

The person on the trailer represents a pilgrim walking through the Dale with the cross being the pilgrims ultimate aim.


The aim of the trailer is to be an ecumenical project in Wensleydale & surrounds, promoting Social Inclusion & the Good News of God’s love for all creation Methodist & Anglican Missional outreach.  So during the coming months the trailer will be seen in different locations helping those who live in the Dale access information that will help them in their day to day lives.

To kick all this of the trailer is making its own pilgrimage through Wensleydale during the week beginning the 23rd of August.The Pilgrimage will start with a Service of Blessing at Ripon Cathedral on the 23rd of August at 3 pm. We would love to see you at this service or indeed any of the services that will take place in the week-long pilgrimage. Check the diary on the left to see when the trailer is coming to your area.




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  1. AvatarPhilip Holder

    “Jesus replied,” Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head”…Matt 8:20.
    Andrew Walls, a distinguishe historian of world Christianity, has noted that wherever other great world religions began, that is still their centre today. Christianity is the exception: it’s centre is always moving, always on a pilgrimage.
    Quoted by Tim Kellor in “King’s Cross”

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