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Church about the Dale on UCB Radio

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Listen to Rev’d Ian Robinson give a live interview about the Church about the Dale project. UCB Morning Radio   Click on the link above and go to about 45 minutes into the program.

Bless You

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[God said,] ‘I will surely bless you.’ GENESIS 22:17 (NIV) People say ‘Bless you!’ when you sneeze. ‘Bless’ has turned into a bit of a feeble word. But in the Bible it’s much stronger. (And it’s nothing to do with sneezing!) When God promises to bless you, he is saying, ‘I’m going to make you into everything I ever meant for you… Read more »

And we are off.

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Ripon Cathedral was the starting point for the pilgrimage.              A band of happy pilgrims trundled to the Cathedral for the opening service of this week-long pilgrimage. The Service was one of Blessing to the local communities  whetherr that be of Churches and Chapels or Farmers and Crops.     Canon Ruth Hind, read a passage of… Read more »